Client services

DigiMax is working towards the launch of what will become the world’s first complete STO communication platform available as a web and mobile App through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The platform, called DigiMax Drop App, will be rolled out in 5 phases over the next year and when complete, will become the world’s first turn-key STO Launch support platform in all jurisdictions around the world. The platform will be useful for STO Issuers and STO investors around the globe.


DigiMax Capital Corp -
Registered Broker/Dealer Activities

  • Global Advertising and Awareness
  • Matching Registered Sellers with new STO Issuers
  • Exclusive access to Accredited DigiMax members
  • Complete Underwriting services for new STO Issuers
  • Post-STO Disclosure

With the launch of DigiMax Drop App today, any STO issuer in the world will be able to use DigiMax as a lowcost tool to create awareness through both the User Base of the App, and more importantly, through a carefully coordinated advertising campaign at specific FinTech conferences around the world. As future phases of DigiMax Drop App are released, DigiMax will work with issuers to ensure that their STO being issued is compliant with all regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction of issue. As each phase is released, DigiMax intends to become a world leader in representing only the best issuers around the world.

*DigiMax Drop App will not filter the advertisers in any manner and DigiMax will not comment on the investment quality of the STO. Rather, Flyer Drop will simply become a broad-reach advertising vehicle for STO issuers.