The Regulatory-Compliant Platfom for High-Quality Security Tokens and Qualified Investors

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Creating a global syndicate of professional, registrited service providers to complete the due-diligence, and sale of tokens through a global network of investors, including where required, accredited investors.

With its own consulting and technology services, DigiMax provided a global financial solution for its customers with multi jurisdictional coverage.


  • MEDoctor

    MEDoctor wants to provide its services to any patient worldwide. Everyone deserves proper healthcare, including in developing countries and in remote areas, where healthcare in not easily accessible.

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Global consulting & Syndication

DigiMax SaleDrop Module


  • Finalize business plan to attract institutional investors.
  • Assist with final valuation.
  • Assist with tokenomics of security token.

Global Syndication

  • Preparation of Investor Summary.
  • Arrange 3rd party valuation report.
  • Arrange lead Broker/Dealer & KYC/AML provider based on home jurisdiction.
  • Introduce registered sellers around the globe.

Global Network of Registered Broker dealers

DigiMax SaleDrop Interface
  • DigiMax soon to become Registered Broker/Dealer based in Toronto, Canada.
  • DigiMax has formed JV’s in 7 other countries around the world.
  • Each JV will form a new corp in 2019 and apply to become registered Broker/Dealer in that country.
  • JV partner will manage operation locally.
  • DigiMax will retain minimum 51% ownership and overall control for consolidation as publicly listed company.

DigiMax Drop(formerly ICO Max)

  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google Play
  • App available through AppStore and Google App Store.
  • Entire DigiMax Drop App will electronically join registered Broker/Dealers and Registered Sellers with STO Issuers.
  • DigiMax Drop App will also directly bring qualified investors (“Members”) already registered with Digimax through the App to each STO being offered with DigiMax as primary Broker/Dealer.
  • Investors able to subscribe as “Members” to get advance notice under a SAAS business model.


Digimax has built Collaboration to assist companies domiciled in the Jurisdiction who wish to raise capital through the issuance of an STO to ensure the STO is 100% regulatory complaint.

Launch STO sales

Global Promotion

We are active participants of the largest specialized conferences in the world and partners of leading rating agencies.

For last 12 months DigiMax team has attend to more than 50 Blockchain Events in 30 Countries and flew nearly 40,000 miles in total.

The exceptional part of the DigiMax promotion approach is STO marketing technology solution you can learn here.

Cooperation with top-level rating agencies

DigiMax always calaborate and listen to the opinion of market opinion leaders and explore new opportunities for investing and raising capital for its customers.

Continuous World Roadshow

DigiMax is constantly increasing its presence at the world's most famous conferences in order to expand its affiliate network and strengthen its brand.

The continual global presence provides ever increasing growth opportunities for both investors in digimax and for its clients.

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Flyerdrop is a unique service for the distribution of security token information through the largest blockchain conferences.

Any regulatory-compliant startup can publish a certain number of flyers, which will be printed and handed out to potential investors. Members can immediately make better buying decisions form this information.

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Our Team

Core Team

Chris Carl

Chris Carl

25 years PubCo experience driving corporate growth and partnering with Fortune 500-size companies.

Raised more than $500 million in equity financing. Taken two startups to $400 million and $600 million market caps.

David Posner

David Posner

Founder of 1st Marijuana IPO in Canada.

Founder/Chair of three successful public companies.

Well known in investment community as someone who gets the job done!

Sergey Shilnov

Sergey Shilnov

Developed merchant usable terminals to accept payments at place of business.

Founder of outsourcing software developer company in Eastern Europe.

Primarily focused on industry applications for blockchain.

Greg Limon

Greg Limon

Greg is involved in multiple ventures such as medical, legal, real estate development, high tech, fintech, trading commodities, done 2 successful IPOs. Presently his goal is to create useful and sufficient impact for the society.

Speaker and negotiator. Advisor at many Blockchain projects such as Tradove, Play2live, UservicePartnered.

Stan Milc

Stan Milc

Has developed a base of more than 500,000 followers interested in the blockchain and VC space.

Has developed a global network of leading legal, cybersecurity and STO professionals to assist in all global projects.